The study concerned Urban, Economic and Environmental Regeneration and the formulation of proposals for the exploitation and development of the building blocks and areas of the Old Industrial Area of the City of Patras in Akti Dymaion, close to the city’s port.

The aim was to search for alternative land uses and activities contributing to the integrated regeneration and the productive and environmental reorientation of the particularly critical for the city of Patras area in Akti Dymaion and the exploration of relevant investment opportunities.

Study content

  • Recording the ownership status and updating the topographical and cadastral diagrams,
  • Operational research to explore investment opportunities, accompanied by feasibility and sustainability studies, identifying priority sectors as well as related environmental conditions, with proposals for management and financing schemes and a documented action plan to attracting investors,
  • Complete city planning of the area, determining land use per building block and terms and building restrictions, as well as proposals for its functional integration in the wider environment, also addressing the necessary traffic arrangements.
  • Special architectural examination per building complexe, with proposals for eligible reuse of individual buildings for establishing new activities, as well as proposals for the redevelopment of the building facades and of the surrounding area.

The contracting authority was the Municipality of Patras.