The study was commissioned by the Research Committee of the University of Ioannina in a group of four scholars, including the then legal representative of OMIKRON.

It aimed at exploring the feasibility and the possibility of establishing an efficient operation of the TECHNOLOGICAL PARK of EPIRUS (TPE). It covered the following areas:

  • Investigating the economic and technical environment
  • Proposing the mission of the TPE
  • Business Plan for the TPE
  • Financing and Action Plan

The study responds to a series of critical questions, such as:

  • Why to create the TPE?
  • What kind of TP will be designed?
  • WHO will be “responsible”?
  • WHEN concrete actions will be implemented (phases of development, timing, launching)?

The study identified:

  • the sectors of the economy and the technologies that will be targeted
  • business characteristics
  • positioning in the service provision market
  • size and growth rate
  • relationships with the University of Ioannina and other research institutes
  • criteria for evaluating success
  • mechanism for adapting its strategy
  • characteristics of the management body
  • possibilities for financing
  • economic feasibility of the investment for its establishment.