The project was titled “Technical Support Consultant to the Special Secretariat of Waters in Organizing, Managing and Costing Water Services”.

The purpose of the project was to:

(a) Establish the basic institutional framework for costing and pricing water services according to their use throughout the country in a way that allows the polluter pays principle to be applied.

(b) Formulate a proposal for a coherent national policy on water services management.

(c) Establish and operate an appropriate information system for the collection and processing of data on the implementation and effectiveness of the water services policy.

The costing and pricing rules for water services were submitted to the National Water Committee and adopted in Joint Ministerial Decisions No. 135275 “Approval of general rules for the costing and pricing of water services. Method and procedures for recovering the cost of water services in its various uses “(Government Gazette 1751 / Β ‘/ 22-05-2017).

The contracting authority was the Special Secretariat for Water of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.