OMIKRON undertook from the Municipality of Serres the preparation of the dossier for the creation of a small industrial park (BIO.PA) within the area of the Municipality.

The Industrial Park (BIO.PA) of Serres was planned and organized according to the provisions of Law 2545/97 (Government Gazette-254 / Α / 15-12-97) and is aimed at operating as a reception area for craft and low environmental impact activity and for professional labs.

The purpose of the design produced was to render it a hospitable location and an attractive reception area for young people and businesses that will be relocated there.

The project produced:

  • a feasibility – viability study for the establishment of the BIO.PA,
  • an environmental impact study,
  • a lay out plan for the site
  • a geological suitability analysis
  • the socio-economic cost-benefit analysis
  • the application file for the establishment of the Serres BIO.PA

More specifically:

  • Data on the current situation regarding the population, physical characteristics and economic activity of the region were collected and analyzed.
  • In the framework of the market research, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the sectors of the secondary sector, which are possible clients and need to be relocated to the BIO.PA, have been highlighted.
  • The sustainability of the establishment of BIOS was investigated and, in particular, the determination of the cost of investment and the conditions of supply and demand in the area and the profitability of the investment.
  • Possible funding schemes of the investment were explored and relevant proposals were concluded.
  • The socio-economic and environmental impacts of the BIO.PA were investigated.
  • Alternative proposals for selling prices of plots were considered.
  • Office and shop areas within the BIO.PA were provided.