OMIKRON designed and developed digital interactive education material for training programs in tax law and human resource management for an aging workforce.

The digital interactive education material is directly usable in the learning process and created to support learning activities through an e-learning platform.

In order to ensure quality, digital interactive education material has been developed on the basis of usability principles (such as easy navigation, feedback, good content organization), taking into account adult learning theories. The interoperability of educational content with e-learning systems is met by creating the SCORM compliant material.

The learning material includes a range of Learning Objects (LOs), which include narrative and virtual characters to better understand content and engage learners.

In summary, the purpose of the project was:

  1. The design of a user-friendly digital interactive learning material to be used for e-learning needs, taking into account adult learning theories.
  2. The development of digital interactive education material based on the principles of re-use and interoperability.
  3. The development of a range of Learning Objects (LOs) accessible from different devices that are compatible with an e-learning platform.
  4. Enrich the education material with storytelling, examples, interactivity, and virtual characters to make content more comprehensible and learners more motivated.

The contractor was the Economic University of Athens.