The subject of the project was the Development of 19 Professional Profiles in the framework of the project “Development of Professional Profiles”, which was implemented by EKEPIS (National Center for Lifelong Education Certification) and concerned the development of a total of 51 professional profiles.

Contractor of the project “Development of Professional Profiles” was the Partnership between the KEK-INE/GSEE, GSEE, SEV, IOBE, GSEVEE, KEK GSEVEE, ESEE, KAELE.

IOBE had the coordination and development of 19 out of the 51 professional profiles. IOBE contracted OMIKRON to act as the Project Manager of the development of the 19 Professional Profiles.  OMIKRON assumed the overall responsibility for the scientific and administrative coordination of the project.

The objective of the project was to provide guidance to all bodies and persons concerned (e.g., professional associations, training institutions) for delineating professional characteristics, developing training programmes and certifying knowledge, qualifications, and capabilities as well as professional training programmes in the context of Lifelong Learning.

The development of profiles was based on the systematic analysis and recording of the content of the professions and the paths for acquiring the knowledge and qualifications required.

For each profession the study analyzed:

  • Professional functions and specifications
  • Required knowledge and capabilities
  • Paths for acquiring qualifications
  • Certification methods

The certified professional profiles are available on the site of the National Qualification and Vocational Guidance Organization.