The study concerned in a development plan of the area of ​​Mesohora due to the creation of hydroelectric dam by Public Power Corporation S.A. It was held in Mesohora in Region of Thessaly in Greece.

Τhe scope of the study was to investigate the development possibilities of the area of the dam in medium and long-term period.  The deliverables included:

  • The effects of the creation of the dam in population, employment, and economic activities, natural and cultural environment.
  • Integration of new opportunities of the development of recreational activities in the normal development of settlements.
  • The appraisal of the capacity of the area with natural, environmental, social and technical criteria.
  • Determination of alternative development scenarios of the area.
  • Proposal of predominant development scenario of the area.
  • Targeting based on the prevailing scenario with criteria of impact on population, economic sectors, settlements, environment, infrastructure, society, employment, tourism and culture.
  • Proposal of the Implementation of a selected scenario.
  • Action Plan (Actions, responsibilities, costs and funding)
  • Geospatial Data Infrastructure – Web Portal Development (Geoportal)