The project aimed at providing Technical and Scientific Support to the former Organization for Planning and Environmental Protection of Athens (ORSA) for the implementation of a project referring to the development of the Keratsini – Drapetsona port side industrial area as part of the EU funded TERRA – POSIDONIA Programme.


The project was part of a multinational TERRA-POSIDONIA subprogramme covering the cities of Athens, Barcelona, Palermo, and Taranto.  It aimed at exploring the opportunities for an integrated approach to the problems of major cities, including ports, and at developing common perceptions of coastal management methods in the European Union.  The subprogramme was headed by the provincial administration of Naples, with partners other than

The Keratsini – Drapetsona port side industrial area was chosen as a strong case within wider Athens, as it presents significant problems of degradation.

The main focus of the actions was the promotion of the procedures for coordinated management of the programs of all public and private stakeholders (Municipalities and Local and Regional  Authorities Organisations, owners of large industrial facilities, the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) and central Ministries involved), in order to promote the regeneration programme and upgrade the area.

The effort aimed at identifying common interests, building synergies and proposing and co-signing an MoU and a Cooperation Protocol amongst the stakeholders.