The Municipality of Marathon assigned to OMIKRON the cost-benefit investigation of the project “Park of the Peoples of the Mediterranean” at the site of the former military base of Nea Makri. The aim of the project was for the “Park” to operate as a pole of attraction for Euro-Mediterranean events and visitors with beneficial effects on the development of the wider region.

The study of OMIKRON:

  1. Explored opportunities or difficulties for the development of Park activities, and in particular the study investigated related EU programs of non-cooperation with the Mediterranean countries as well as the competitive interest of other countries such as France, Italy and Spain.
  2. Formulated and proposed a business plan analyzing the cost and expected benefits of setting up and operating the Park. An initial estimate of investment costs, required organization, and cost, conditions for success and attractiveness and potential benefits have been made. A critical direction of the business plan was to use existing infrastructures such as hotels, recreation, and sports facilities, environmental attractions, historical sites, local museums. Thus, the business plan succeeded in increasing attractiveness by limiting development costs.
  3. Examined the interest of existing national or local stakeholders and proposed a management plan for the exploitation of the Park.