The study of the Master Plan of the port of Mytilene aimed at:

  • Diagnosing the needs and capabilities of the existing port of Mytilene, producing a plan for the improvement of its infrastructure and E/M equipment, improving the functionality of its facilities and the optimal spatial organization of all the functions and activities of the port in order to meet present and expected future needs in view of expected future port traffic.
  • Investigating the need to create a new port at Kara Tepe, a site outside the existing town of Mytilene and producing a layout plan for its coastal area and for its connection to the traffic network of the island.
  • Examining the economic and financial feasibility and viability of the new investments required

Work covered by OMIKRON SA

OMIKRON SA was responsible for the compilation of the spatial planning study and the feasibility and viability studies.

The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks / General Secretariat for Public Works / General Directorate of Transport Works / Directorate of Port Projects and Airport Projects.