When the requirement for environmental compatibility of packaging for imported and internally traded products was introduced in the German market, the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank (ETBA) awarded OMIKRON a study to suggest the adjustments required on the part of Greek exporters to Germany and their impact. A special search has been required for agricultural exports, on the one hand, due to the specificity and perishability of the products and, on the other, due to the involvement of operators (such as agricultural cooperatives) with less flexibility in responding promptly to new conditions.

The study:

  • Analyzed new legislation introduced in Germany.
  • Explored ways of adapting to new legislation.
  • Evaluated alternative ways and alternative compatible materials that could substitute the materials used until then in Greek exports (especially in the export of agricultural products).
  • Cooperated with both packaging materials producers and exporters in order to assess the possibilities for production and effective adoption and use of legally compatible materials.
  • Proposed the most appropriate adjustments and assessed the required time, investments and human resource training to substitute the materials used.
  • Estimated the impact on Greek exports to the German market.