The study concerned the preparation of River Basin Flood Risk Management Plans of the Water Districts of the country in accordance with Articles 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Directive 2007/60 / EC.

The contracting authority for the studies was the Special Secretariat of Waters of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, YPEN.

OMIKRON SA participated in the consortia for the elaboration of the Flood Risk Management Plans of the Water Districts of Epirus, Western Greece and Thessaly, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, and Attica, Eastern Sterea Ellada and Aegean Islands.

Content of studies

The ultimate goal of the studies was to develop effective Flood Risk Maps, Flood Hazard Maps and Flood Risk Management Plans in each Water Department, taking into account the specific features of the areas covered, while at the same time promoting the environmental objectives established in Community legislation.

The Flood Risk Management Plans, along with the River Basin Management Plans at Water District Level of Directive 2000/60 / EC, are elements of integrated water resource management and management per River Basin / River Basin District (Water Facility).

In particular, each Flood Risk Management Plan of each Water District comprised the following:

  1. Developing and designing Flood Risk Maps that included:
  2. Establishment of Flood Risk Management Plans at Water District level to address flood risks in High Risk Areas.
  3. Diffusion of information and Public Consultation with all stakeholders on River Basin Hazards Management Plans.
  4. Elaboration of Strategic Environmental Impact Studies (FAP) of the Flood Risk Management Plans per Water Residential Department, based on the legislation in force (KYA hom.107017 / 05.09.2006, Directive 2001/42 / EC) for the implementation Management and Consultation Plans before finalizing it.
  5. Updating relevant national and EU databases with the results of the study.

Work covered by OMIKRON SA

OMIKRON SA participated in the Flood Risk Mapping and in particular in flood risk assessment methodology and flood impact assessment (population, economic activities, economic impacts, environmental impacts, etc.)

In the preparation of Flood Risk Management Plans, OMIKRON developed the methodology for assessing the economic effectiveness of the proposed measures.