NOKIA SOLUTIONS AND NETWORKS HELLAS S.A. commissioned OMIKRON SA to provide Project and Cost Management services for all its building projects in Greece from 2011 onwards. The projects concerned the development or improvement of office space and production facilities as well as data production and processing laboratories to meet the company’s needs for its activities worldwide.

OMIKRON’s services covered the following activities, always in close cooperation with the responsible units of NOKIA, both its central units in Europe and its units in Greece:

  • Evaluating necessary interventions
  • Timetable and implementation cost estimate
  • Detailed specification of works and/or supplies
  • Invitation to tender for the selection of designers, contractors or suppliers
  • Bid evaluation
  • Coordination of individual tasks and selected groups of suppliers or contractors
  • Workflow and cost control
  • Approval of satisfactory delivery for contractors’ obligations

In the period from 2011 to date, OMIKRON has provided project and cost management services for a total of 20 building projects in Greece.  In all projects, OMIKRON ensured timely completion and, for the vast majority, lower costs than originally estimated by OMIKRON and approved by NOKIA.