The spatial and urban planning study for the port side area of Drapetsona – Keratsini was assigned by the Municipality of Drapetsona.  The objective was to produce a Rehabilitation plan for this declining Industrial Zone and to promote the necessary actions to allow the modification and regeneration of the area.

As a wider area of study, the harbor zone was defined from the Port of Piraeus to Akrokeramos and, of course, its association with the General Urban Designs of the Municipalities of Drapetsona and Keratsini.

The study:

(a) Produced the spatial planning of the wider area and elaborated a General Layout Plan,

(b) Examined possibilities for new economic activities, substantiated land use options and examined their feasibility and viability, as well as potential management and financial schemes

(c) Explored the possibilities of rebuilding or refurbishing existing individual buildings or sets and elements of the existing industrial heritage.