The “Study on the Imposition of Drinking Water Conservation Measures with a QUOTA System ” was assigned with the purpose of proposing criteria and arrangements and processes to impose restrictions on the use of water, in conditions of water scarcity, by applying a system of an over-consumption levy.

The overall objective of the project was to provide the Water Development Department and the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment with the necessary drinking water saving management tools that could be used in cases of excess consumption and waste of drinking water or in cases where there is a need for emergency measures to address severe water scarcity.

Study content

  • Study on the application of restrictions on the use of water with a system of appropriate quantitative restrictions.
  • Parallel application of pricing practices that are deterrent to consumption above specified limits.
  • Suggested management for practical implementation of proposals.
  • Overall assessment of the estimated resulting savings, based on observed past experience from the existing Water Authorities.

The study estimated water consumption elasticities by Water Authority and delivered a specific model of drinking water savings through combined application of the proposed quantitative and price restrictions – quotas.

The contracting authority was the Water Development Department (WDD) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus.