The European Commission has been promoting a sustainable fisheries policy based on the adoption of environmentally friendly fishing practices and tools and the enforcement of fishing effort limitations.

The European Parliament has commissioned a study to evaluate this policy for fishing by small-scale fishing enterprises that are subject to higher risks of survival when the fishing policy is restrictive.

OMIKRON undertook the study on a subcontracting basis.  It collected data on small-scale fishing in all member countries from national and/or Community statistical sources cooperated with academics dealing with fisheries issues in different Community countries and produced a report which was subsequently constituted a publication of the European Parliament publishing unit.

The Report analyses:

  • The importance of the Common Fisheries Policy for small-scale fisheries.
  • The importance of small-scale fishing for the economies of the Member States.
  • Problems related to the implementation of the Community’s small-scale fisheries policy.
  • Proposals for an integrated Community policy